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If you wish to contact me by phone. Please call Monday thru Friday except Holidays  between 10 AM and 4pm PST.


Ms. JoAnn Balzer
Balzaro Designs
San Jose, California 95135

Phone number +1 408 406 5435
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Balzaro Designs

95135 San Jose
United States

+1 408 274 6288
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Joann Balzer

Artist Statement

Return to the center  of my soul

The return to fabric started for me during my teen years.  I kept taking fabric and patterns and transforming them into creative expressions.  As I continued on in my nursing career I kept returning to it for my own respite and creative outlet.   Fabric and fiber transforms my soul and it brought me forward to color and design the fabric which I create to be  comfortable & a joy to wear and yet express a part of the soul.I look at nature and Neolithic symbols and the patterns found in both of these to develop my prints.  I use various surface design techniques, including dyeing, printing and other manipulation of fabric..

My art education is by taking individual classes from various experts in the field.  I have also taken art classes at a community college here in San Jose CA  along with a certificate in Fashion Design.  I have won various awards locally, and nationwide.




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