1. Do you have other items such as scarves from what is shown here? Yes I do I have more inventory than what is shown here.  Please contact me if there another color that you may be interested in.  If I have something close to your description I will email you a photo of it.    Chalice Scarves, altar cloths, chalice jewelry,  are also sold  on ETSY.

2. Do you do any Custom Orders? Yes I do custom orders.  Please contact me  if you are interested and I will work with you to create a garment that you will enjoy wearing.  Please read the refund policy

3. How do I care for my silk garment?  I recommend to dry clean all silk & silk velvets.  This is how you will preserve the color the longest.  If you decide to iron do so at the recommended settings for your iron.

4. How do I care for the Rayon garment?  Depending on the surface design process that I use you may machine wash gentle in cold water.  Tumble-dry and iron low.   Some may also be dry-cleaned.  Each jacket is tagged as to how to care for your garment.  If the Rayon was embellished with rubbings then it must be machine-washed in cold water (dry cleaning will remove the rubbing!)

5. What are the surface design techniques that you do use?  Shibori which is the tying, stitching and manipulating of fabric to create a resist & then further dyes are applied over it.  Silkscreen printing. Stamping. Soy wax batik (soy wax is safer for the artist and more environmentally friendly than petroleum based batik wax blends).  Piecing and collage of fabrics.  Dying & Painting. Oil sticks and others techniques!

6. What are your sizing of the jackets?

  • The Chalice Wear Kimono style Silk jacket is one size fits most.  Someone of the smaller sizes of 8 to 10 may feel “lost “ in it. They are coat length.  The hems in the sleeve and coat hem is double turned to give you the ability to lengthen it for 1 to 1 ½ inches with giving you a narrower hem.
  • The rayon & other silk jackets are sized for medium to XL and are at hip length for the average height.
  • Most jackets are displayed on a size 14 dress form

7. What is the sizing of the Capes?   The center back length of cape is about 36 inches and fits most people.   Most capes are shown on a women’s size 14 dress form.

8.  How do I measure the center back length for myself?   Stand with your back to a full length mirror and use a soft measuring tape or mark a cord, or ribbon at the center back length that the garment is listed at.  For the Jackets and capes just hold that length at the place where the collar meets the garment (or some call it the bump on the back of the neck) along your spine and turn slightly to see how far it hangs down.  If measuring for the stoles place the cord as you would do for jacket at the back neck but bring the cord or ribbon around to the front as the stole would hang down the front.  This should give you an approximate idea of how long the garment would be on you.

9. . What if I want the jacket, or stole in another size?  Each piece of fabric is hand dyed, so an exact copy cannot be repeated. But I would be happy to discuss doing a commission.

10. Do you  shorten or lengthen the garments?  Yes I can, but if the item is altered then there is no refund and no return of the item.  If you purchase the item and are satisfied with it, then I would suggest that you find someone within your locale to do the alteration.

11.   Do you ship Internationally or outside the US?  No.  I ship only within the United States.  I mostly use USPS Priority Mail.  I ship from San Jose CA

12. Where else can I see your work?  Currently I do not sell in a store.  I do sell at Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in June, the  UU Pacific Central District Assembly in April when it is not a "virtual" gathering, most Pacific Western Regional assemblies,  and local churches in San Jose and surrounding area over the Holiday’s.

13. What is the width of your stoles? Most are 5 to 5.25 inches.  If they are of a different width, then it is indicated in the Item description.

14. You mentioned a small pocket on some of your Kimono style Silk jackets, what size is it?  It is 4 X 5.25 inches. It is nice for a few 3x5 index cards, business cards or a facial tissue. If you place the power pack for your microphone  in the pocket, it would cause the jacket to hand unevenly, so I don’t advise to use it for that purpose.

15.Why do I need to leave this website for pay with a Credit Card Previously you were able to pay with  a Button “link” to PayPal, but that has changed and to contain my costs I decided to use Square Email Invoicing to purchase with your credit card.  Why not just the Square site?  That site only offers one photo or view of each item and I find that is not sufficient for the customer to see the whole garment to make an informed decision.  As my thank you, Standard Shipping is now Free!

16.  How long will it take for me to receive the Square Email Invoice?  You should receive it with in 2 business days after you finish checkout.  Be sure to check that you received the order confirmation in you inbox & that will trigger for me to get my notice that an order was placed. 

17. How long do I have to Pay once I receive receive the email Invoice?  24 hours or what is indicated in the email.

18.  I saw that tax is not added here, will it be added on the Square option?  Yes, Square will automatically be adding  the sales tax for CA residents.